Graduation Gift, Good Luck Jewelry

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You will receive ONE (1) Bracelet .. Shown in the main photo. I added additional photos to show more stacked together ....Bracelets are 10 Gauge thick or 2.58mm in thickness ... Items are made from raw rose copper very similar to rose gold..
Items are kept in a natural condition. I choose to do it this way as I like the other material to be RAW. With that said, oils/lotions/perfumes/excessive wear and tear might compromise the patinas sealant. So if they do change, enjoy that process as well. the cuffs are solid, hammered brass or copper. so they will still be beautiful and deep golden or reddish copper if they do change.
PLEASE READ~> these bracelets come with an open gap where you slide your wrist in and pinch the ends down for a fitted look.. they are suppose to be worn snug around the wrist but you can easily adjust the width to a comfortable fit or preferable fit. push down the tabs of each end to fit around your wrist
They can easily bend to the shape of YOUR WRIST they will not break so bend away!
A special note to our customers:
Please keep in mind these materials are raw and NOT coated. I choose this technique as copper has some wonderful benefits to the body: TARNISHING is a natural process for these metals. Unlike plated jewelry (plated layer wears off) raw brass and raw copper will retain their original luster if polished regularly. Use a polishing cloth. Each persons PH balance is completely different and no two bodies - skin are the same some may experience no tarnishing and others will tarnish quicker than others. with that said proper care of your jewelry is essential with the tips provided above :)